Blogs are an excellent opportunity to drive thought leadership, awareness, and credibility, and it's important to highlight that each year blogs receive more than 200,000 page views on average. They also offer a prospect for stakeholders to exchange direct opinions and/or provide feedback.

The MASTECS blog titled "Multicore Certification: Not Losing Track of Our Avionics Heritage" was published on the Lynx blog platform on 18 June 2020. It offers a walkthrough on the development and execution of the MASTECS technology and how there is a need for Multicore processors for the next generation of mission-critical embedded, aerospace, and automotive applications.Subsequently, the article focuses on the project's aim at building safe software systems on multicore processors that support advanced software functions and its challenges. Finally, it mentions the importance of the MASTECS' Civil Certified Vehicle Management case study and how Lynx is working closely to support the Avionics case study for the platform. 

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