The MASTECS Whitepaper explains how the project is developing a commercial timing analysis solution designed to enable the safe use of multicore processors in the automotive and avionics domains.


MASTECS Whitepaper
MASTECS Whitepaper


The MASTECS technology works by combining cutting-edge software analysis tools, interference generators, documents, processes and expert engineering services to assure the timing behavior of complex multicore processors. Assuring the timing behavior of multicore processors has been a significant hurdle in achieving certification within the aerospace and automotive industries.

Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Rapita Systems have collaborated with industry partners Raytheon Technologies and Marelli to develop a solution that is driven by industry needs and is already being deployed in real-world, commercial projects.

In this whitepaper it is examined both how this advanced technology works and how industrial partners, can certify multicore project using the solution.

Read the MASTECS Whitepaper 'A Commercial Solution for Safety-Critical Multicore Timing Analysis' here

Download it here (external website).