A presentation titled 'MASTECS Project- Multicore Timing Analysis for Real-Time Safety-Critical Applications' was given by Raúl de la Cruz from United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) Ireland, now Raytheon Technologies at one of Lynx's internal meetings (6 months-basis and engineering-focused) that took place in June 2020, in this opportunity, it focused on Lynx’s multicore strategy.

The presentation covers the following topics: MASTECS' project objective, the participants, the problem(s) and why and where Lynx and LSB fit into this, the experience of working with Lynx – why was Lynx chose, benefits for Lynx being part of this environment, deliverables and conclusions.

Lynx Software Technologies has expertise in multi-core, open architecture, and modular system software development that allows researchers to develop open platforms while building small, light, and power-efficient systems and simultaneously simplify the complexity of multi-core system software development.

Find the presentation (with audio) here.