MASTECS technology has been part of a distribution training which has been completed on 10 December 2020 by Rapita Systems, part of MASTECS consortium. More specifically, Rapita Systems provided its worldwide distributor network a 9-week training program covering all aspects of on-target software verification tools and services as well as MASTECS multicore timing solution

The MASTECS (multicore analysis service and tools for embedded critical systems) project aims to innovate and commercialize exploitable technology for multicore timing analysis (MTA). The technology developed by MASTECS, will focus on advanced software functions such as autonomous driving, used by the automotive and avionics industries.

MASTECS will enable these industries to exploit the potential increases in computing performance from the use of multicore platforms. This will support the development of more functionally-rich and performance-demanding critical software, leading to reduced fatalities on the road, safer and cheaper air travel, and a reduced CO2 profile of future cars and planes.