MASTECS technology is part of Rapita's new release of RVS 3.14, which has been used in avionics and other markets for over 15 years and supported a number of avionics projects globally. 

The new launch introduces new features and enhancements compared to its previous version, such as:

This new version is backward compatible with previous versions and the next version is due for release by the end of July 2021, according to the RVS development roadmap.

About RVS

RVS (Rapita Verification Suite) is an integrated testing platform designed to verify software according to DO-178C and ISO26262. The suite of tools consists of RapiTest, RapiCover, RapiTime, and RapiTask. It is used globally in the aerospace and automotive industries, it includes tools for functional and requirements-based testing, timing analysis including worst-case execution time analysis, and structural code coverage analysis. RVS works by combining static and dynamic analyses of software execution to gain an understanding of the software architecture.


With thanks to HighTec who provided access to their excellent toolchain for the Tricore platform.

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