MASTECS will attend and participate at the Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE 2021) on Wednesday 3 February 2021 in the 'Empirical Evidence for MPSoCs in Critical Systems: The Case of NXP’s T2080 Cache Coherence' meeting at 6:15 pm CET as part of the 'Multicore and Distributed Real Time Systems' E Track.

During the event, the content of a paper titled "Empirical Evidence for MPSoCs in Critical Systems: The Case of NXP’s T2080 Cache Coherence" about the adoption of complex MPSoCs in critical real-time embedded systems and how they develop a detailed analysis of their architecture to facilitate certification will be discussed in depth. In general:

  • The mentioned analysis is hindered by the lack of a thorough understanding of the MPSoC system due to the unobvious and/or insufficiently documented behavior of some key hardware features.
  • Confidence on features can only be regained by building specific tests to both, assess whether their behavior matches specifications and unveil their behavior when it is not fully known a priori.
  • A systematic approach will be introduced, which constructs this thorough understanding of the MPSoC architecture and assess against its specification in processor documentation with a focus on the cache coherence protocol in the avionics-relevant NXP T2080 architecture as the use-case. 

DATE is the European Event for Electronic System Design & Test and due to the continued erratic development of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying restrictions of worldwide travelling as well as the safety and health of the community, the event's format has changed another year to a virtual conference.