On November 25th, MASTECS team delivered an online presentation in Marelli Europe SpA to showcase the MASTECS high and competitive solutions for process, automation and certification applied on a real powertrain product, the Vehicle Domain Control Unit.

The event involved around 30 Marelli R&D engineers of Italian sites, that represented Italian business units: Powertrain, Electronics, Motorsport, Electric Powertrain.

The presentation delivered by the MASTECS team:

  • Francisco J. Cazorla, Ph.D (Computer Architecture)
    • Director of the Computer Architecture Operating System Group at BSC & co-founder of Maspatechnologies
  • Enrico Mezzetti, Ph.D (Computer Science)
    • Senior Researcher in CAOS Group at BSC and Maspatechnologies
  • Joseph Anderson
    • Field Application Engineer at Rapita Systems
  • Hashem Ghazzawi, PhD
    • Account Manager at Rapita Systems
  • Stefania Botta

Process Quality Representative for the Sys/Sw Product Development of Marelli Powertrain