The MASTECS consortium publication titled "Measuring the Impact of Interference Channels on Multicore Avionics" will be presented and published in the conference proceedings at the Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC) 2020.

The paper explores a measurement-based analysis of software timing behavior that provides important insight and evidence for flight certification of modern avionics systems. This analysis is challenging for multicore systems due to interference effects from shared hardware resource usage. It presents an approach to multicore timing analysis that uses interference generators to stress interference channels in multicore systems.

The test methodology comprises two steps:

  • First: Platform characterization measures the sensitivity of the hardware and RTOS to targeted interference channels using a combination of interference generators.
  • Second: Software characterization measures the timing behavior of instrumented applications while interference is generated on shared resources.

Finally, the paper and event provide an opportunity to study part of MASTECS technology and how its techniques for certification seem to provide solid certification evidence of fully active multicore systems hosting mixed-criticality software to assure that multicore interference has been sufficiently mitigated.